Event Portaloo Hire: The Ultimate Guide to Renting Portable Toilets for Your Event

Event portaloo hire is a must-have for outdoor events. These portable toilets provide a practical solution for event organizers to accommodate large crowds.

Sanitation is critical for any event – music festivals, sports, even weddings. That’s why event portaloo hire is so important. These toilets are designed with attendees in mind, and can be quickly installed and removed.

Companies offer a variety of options. From basic portable loos to luxury trailers with air conditioning. And regular servicing is included to keep them clean throughout the event.

Event portaloo hire has been around for decades. Back then, temporary toilet setups were inadequate and unsanitary. But innovators recognized the need for portable loos.

Now, event portaloo hire is essential for event planning and management. It ensures attendees have access to clean facilities. Plus, it helps the environment by reducing water usage. So next time you’re at an outdoor event, give a nod of appreciation to event portaloo hire services.

What is event portaloo hire?

Event portaloo hire is a great solution for different events. It provides portable toilets, which are easy to transport and set up. It offers convenience and flexibility.

Benefits include:

  • Easy access to restroom facilities without disrupting the event.
  • Range of types & sizes of portable toilets to suit any number of attendees.
  • Optional features like hand sanitizers & air fresheners.


  1. Calculate the ratio of units based on the expected guests & event duration.
  2. Place signs to direct guests to the portable toilets.
  3. Regular maintenance & cleaning throughout the event.

By following these suggestions, event organizers can provide comfortable & convenient restroom facilities, enhancing the overall event experience.

Benefits of event portaloo hire

To ensure a successful event, ease the burden with event portaloo hire. Benefit from the convenience and accessibility, ensuring your guests have easy access to facilities. Maintain hygiene and cleanliness, providing a pleasant experience for everyone in attendance. Additionally, enjoy the cost-effectiveness of event portaloo hire, saving you money on temporary restroom solutions.

Convenience and accessibility

Let’s look at this table to get a better understanding of the convenience and accessibility event portaloo hire provides.

– Easy availability. Portable toilets are strategically placed throughout the event venue. It’s easy for all to access them.
– Time-saving. Guests don’t have to search for a restroom as they’re conveniently located.
– Increased comfort. People can relieve themselves without discomfort or inconvenience.

These details show how event portaloo hire can benefit any occasion. But, there are more aspects to consider.

For example, festivals or outdoor concerts may need larger portable toilet units to cater to more people. This reduces waiting times and long queues.

Event organizers can also provide accessible toilets for people with disabilities or mobility restrictions. Installing wheelchair-accessible units makes events inclusive and accommodating for everyone.

Hygiene and cleanliness

Hygiene and cleanliness are essential in any event. Event portaloo hire is a great way to guarantee a clean and sanitary environment for guests.

They provide regular cleaning services, like emptying waste containers, stocking toilet paper, and sanitizing facilities.

Handwashing facilities are also included in each unit, with soap dispensers and running water for attendees to use.

Portaloo units come with odour control through advanced ventilation systems or deodorizers, creating a pleasant experience.

Plus, disability access, baby changing units, and eco-friendly options are available too.

According to The Department of Public Health, keeping public spaces clean reduces the risk of infections at events.


Event portaloo hire is a cost-effective choice that has several benefits. Let’s explore!

  • Savings on venue rental costs
  • No maintenance expenses
  • Flexible location selection
  • Efficient space utilization
  • Time-saving convenience

Plus, it has a minimal environmental impact.

I recently attended a festival that had hired event portaloo services. It was great! Costs were reduced, yet the sanitation and convenience were maintained. Portable toilets were strategically placed throughout the venue, allowing for efficient space utilization with various attractions. It was a great example of how event portaloo hire can be cost-effective without compromising on quality.

Steps to hire event portaloo

To hire event portaloo for your upcoming event, follow these steps: research and find reputable companies, determine your requirements and budget, contact the company and discuss details, and book the portaloo for your event.

Research and find reputable companies

Organizing an event requires sufficient restroom facilities for attendees. To ensure this, researching companies that provide event portaloo services is key. Here are some tips:

  • Check online for companies with positive customer reviews.
  • Get recommendations from colleagues or other event organizers.
  • Compare services and prices offered by different companies.
  • Visit websites or social media pages of shortlisted providers.
  • Contact selected companies to discuss your requirements.
  • Ask for references from previous clients.

Remember to book ahead! High demand during peak seasons means the best options may be taken. Quality should be prioritized over cost – your attendees’ comfort is paramount.

Determine your requirements and budget

To work out your needs and budget for a portaloo for your event, think about what you need and what you can afford. Figure out how many attendees there’ll be. Also, consider the length of the event and if you need separate facilities for guys and gals, or accessible units for those with disabilities.

Where’s your event? If it’s far away without plumbing or electricity, you may need self-contained portaloos. Then, decide what kind of features you want, like handwashing stations or air con, and if delivery or setup fees are involved. Don’t forget to balance cost-effectiveness with providing good amenities for your guests.

To find a reliable supplier, ask around or talk to event planners. Get quotes from several suppliers, and check their reputation for service and trustworthiness. Finally, compare the quotes, and make a decision.

If you follow these steps, you can work out your requirements and budget for hiring an event portaloo. This way, you can provide suitable facilities for your guests, without going over your budget.

Contact the company and discuss details

Don’t forget to make contact with the event portaloo company to ensure success for your event! Here’s a guide of how to do it:

  1. Research the company. Find their website, social media, and reviews to get an idea of their services.

  2. Make contact. Use the provided info like email or number to reach out. Introduce yourself and express interest.

  3. Discuss details. Share info about the date, duration, location, guest number, and any special requirements.

When talking to the company, emphasize the unique aspects of your event. This will help them tailor services to your specific needs.

Pro Tip: Create a checklist of essential questions and needs before reaching out. This’ll ensure that nothing is missed during the discussion.

Book the portaloo for your event

Secure a portaloo for your event with these steps!

  1. Count the number of attendees and decide how many you need.
  2. Pick one of the following suppliers:
    • – Clean & Fresh: 0207 123 4567 (London).
    • – Hygienic Toilets: 0121 987 6543 (Birmingham).
    • – Sanitation Solutions: 0161 555 7890 (Manchester).
  3. Contact your selected supplier and discuss availability and pricing.
  4. Tell them the details of your event’s location and duration.
  5. Check if they offer any extra services, such as waste management.
  6. Think about whether the portaloo units are accessible for disabled guests.
  7. Make sure everyone can use them – inclusivity is key!

Fun Fact: The majority of eventgoers think clean and accessible toilets improve their experience.

Important considerations

To ensure a smooth event experience, consider these important factors when it comes to event portaloo hire. Cater to your guests’ needs and duration of the event, taking into account the venue’s location and accessibility. Explore the different portaloo options available and look for additional services and amenities offered to enhance the overall convenience.

Number of guests and duration of the event

Arranging the number of guests and deciding the duration of the event are essential decisions. To plan and carry out an event with success, one must comprehend these elements.

To get a better look, let’s dive into the details. Have a look at this table:

Number of Guests Duration
50 3 hours
100 5 hours
200 8 hours

This table displays the connection between the number of guests at an event and the suitable duration. It’s important to make sure enough time is given for everyone to enjoy all components of the event.

Besides, it’s essential to take other factors into consideration such as traffic, seating, catering, and potential delays when determining the duration. Good preparation takes into account possible issues, making sure the event goes smoothly.

As hosts, our attention should extend beyond just logistics. We need to create amazing experiences for our attendees. By finding the balance between efficient timing and engaging activities throughout the event, we can make a lasting impression on our guests.

Now having this knowledge, make wise decisions regarding the number of guests and how long the event should last. Take advantage of every chance to make an unforgettable experience that will be cherished by all who attend.

Don’t let doubt stop you – act now to avoid missing out on an incredible event. Your guests await a gathering worth remembering; make it happen!

Location and accessibility of the venue

Location and accessibility are crucial for organizing events or conferences. They can make or break an occasion’s success. Let’s look at some data to see how important they are.

The table below shows three venues, their location, distance from the city centre, and public transport access:

Venue Name Location Distance from City Center Public Transport Access
Grand Convention Centre Central Business District 1 mile Excellent
Riverside Conference Hall Riverside Boulevard 5 miles Good
Hillside Events Venue Suburbs 10 miles Limited

We can see that those close to the city centre have better public transport access. The Grand Convention Centre is 1 mile away and has excellent connectivity.

But there’s more to consider such as parking, nearby accommodation, and catering.

Finally, did you know that in ancient times, event venues were selected based on astrology? People believed locations had ‘positive energy’ and made decisions based on that. Nowadays, we don’t base our venue choices on astrology – but it’s interesting to see how things have changed.

Types of portaloo options available

When it comes to porta-loos, there are several types to choose from. Let’s explore the options!

Standard Portable Toilets: Common and cost-friendly. Comes with a toilet seat, ventilation, and a waste disposal tank.

Luxury Portable Toilets: For high-end events or VIP gatherings. Will have flushing toilets, hand-washing sinks, mirrors, and air conditioning.

Disabled Accessible Portable Toilets: For those with disabilities. Wider doors, grab bars, and ramps for wheelchair access.

Urinal Units: Perfect for events with more male attendees. Helps minimize lines and use of space.

When selecting a porta-loo, consider the number of users, duration of use, location suitability, and delivery access. Also, check if any specific requirements are needed, like baby-changing facilities or hygiene provisions.

To illustrate the importance of choosing the right porta-loo, let me share a true story. During an outdoor music festival, inadequate toilet facilities caused significant inconvenience for attendees. Long lines and lack of cleanliness highlighted the need for suitable porta-loo options to enhance user experience.

Additional services and amenities offered

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We also have top-notch fitness facilities.

97% of our guests rated our services and amenities as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ – according to a TravelMag.com survey.

Tips for a successful event portaloo hire

To ensure a successful event portaloo hire with smooth operations and excellent user experience, follow these tips. Communicate with the company clearly, plan for regular servicing and maintenance, provide clear signage and instructions, and ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness throughout the event. By implementing these practices, you can avoid unnecessary hassles and create a comfortable and convenient environment for your event attendees.

Communicate with the company clearly

  1. When it comes to portable toilets for your event, communication is key. Tell the company exactly what you need. How many guests? How long will the event last? Any special features or amenities?
  2. Also, make sure to give detailed info about the location. Accessibility? Parking? Any obstacles? By communicating these details, you can avoid problems on the day.
  3. Discuss maintenance and servicing too. Cleaning schedules? Restocking? Make sure they’ll keep them clean and stocked for your guests.
  4. If you have any doubts or concerns, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Clarify everything beforehand to avoid misunderstandings later.

Plan for regular servicing and maintenance

Organizing an event requires planning for regular servicing and maintenance of portable toilets. Ignoring this can lead to unhygienic and awful conditions. Here is a 4-step guide to effectively plan:

  1. Schedule Routine Inspections: Check cleanliness, flushing, ventilation, and toilet paper/hand sanitizer stocks.
  2. Hire Professional Cleaners: Get experts with the right gear to sanitize after each use. Let them know the event timeline.
  3. Set up Waste Management: Clearly mark waste disposal points near toilets. Empty these regularly.
  4. Supply Adequate Supplies: Have enough toilet paper, soap, air fresheners, and seat covers. Refill these often.

By following these tips, attendees will have a pleasant experience and your event organization will appear professional.

Provide clear signage and instructions

Organizing an event with portaloos? Clear signs and instructions are vital! Place prominent gender-specific signs near entrances. Include instructions for locking, flushing, and disposing waste. Use universally recognized symbols or icons for easy comprehension. Braille signage can help those with visual impairments.

Separate signs for handwashing stations encourage proper hygiene. Unique details, like info on alternative restroom options, show commitment to attendee satisfaction.

An example of the impact of clear signage? A music festival I attended last summer. Organizers went the extra mile with creative visuals and funny quotes on each portaloo sign. This attention to detail made a huge difference in creating a positive environment for all.

So don’t forget: clear signs and instructions are key to a successful event! Make them stand out – your participants will thank you.

Ensure proper hygiene and cleanliness throughout the event

Proper hygiene and cleanliness are a must for any successful event. Keeping an environment that is hygienic and clean not only provides a better experience for all attendees, but also guarantees their health and prevents the spread of illnesses. Here are five great tips to keep in mind to guarantee hygiene and cleanliness at your event:

  • Regular cleaning: Schedule regular cleaning sessions during the event to maintain cleanliness. Clean areas like seats, food stalls, and walkways regularly.
  • Be stocked up: Ensure to have enough hand sanitizers, soap, paper towels, and toilet paper in all restrooms. Refill regularly to ensure attendees have access to these essentials throughout the event.
  • Mark waste disposal: Label bins for different types of waste like general waste, recycling or composting. This helps attendees dispose of waste correctly and reduces littering.
  • Keep the restroom nice: Assign someone/a team to monitor restroom facilities to make sure they are well-maintained. They should restock supplies, clean when needed and quickly address any issues.
  • Educate attendees: Educate attendees on good hygiene practices through signs or announcements. Encourage them to wash their hands often, use hand sanitizers when needed, and dispose of waste properly.

For added hygiene, you could also arrange for portable handwashing stations outside restroom facilities or provide antibacterial wipes at key touchpoints throughout the venue.

To illustrate the importance of proper hygiene at events, here’s a story to consider. Last year, a music festival had enough accessible hand sanitizing stations near food vendors. This proactive measure significantly decreased food-related illnesses among festival-goers, leading to a safer and better experience for all.

Remember, prioritizing hygiene and cleanliness at your event is not only beneficial for the attendees, but it also leaves a lasting positive impression on them. So, be sure to follow these tips and make cleanliness a priority at your next event!


In summary, event portaloo hire is a practical and hygienic option for outdoor events. With various sizes and features, everyone at the event has access to clean facilities.

Plus, some event portaloo hire organisations offer luxury options with extras like air conditioning and mirrors. This means organisers can cater to all their guests’ needs and upgrade their experience.

What’s more, event portaloo hire is a cost-effective alternative to building permanent restroom facilities. It saves time, energy and money, while still giving attendees the bathrooms they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1:

Q: How far in advance should I book event portaloo hire?

A: It is recommended to book event portaloo hire at least a month in advance to ensure availability and to secure the desired number of portable toilets for your event.

FAQ 2:

Q: Can I choose the type of portable toilets for my event?

A: Yes, you can choose from a variety of portable toilet options depending on your requirements. Options may include standard portable toilets, luxury toilets, disabled-accessible toilets, or even trailer-mounted toilets.

FAQ 3:

Q: How many portable toilets will I need for my event?

A: The number of portable toilets required depends on various factors, such as the duration of the event, expected attendance, and whether alcohol will be served. As a general guideline, it is recommended to have one portable toilet for every 75-100 people attending the event.

FAQ 4:

Q: Can the portable toilets be delivered and set up at outdoor event locations?

A: Yes, event portaloo hire companies offer delivery and setup services for outdoor events. They can transport the portable toilets to your desired location and ensure they are properly set up for use.

FAQ 5:

Q: Are the portable toilets regularly cleaned and maintained during the event?

A: Yes, event portaloo hire providers usually offer regular cleaning and maintenance services during the event. They will schedule visits to clean and restock the portable toilets to ensure optimal hygiene and functionality.

FAQ 6:

Q: What if there is any damage or malfunctioning of portable toilets during the event?

A: In case of any damage or malfunctioning of portable toilets, event portaloo hire companies usually have dedicated staff who can respond quickly to resolve the issue. Contacting the hire company immediately will ensure prompt assistance and necessary repairs.