How to Choose the Best portable loo rental


When planning an event, it’s important to take every factor into consideration. One important factor is restroom facilities for your guests. Portable loo hire is an often overlooked yet important aspect of event planning. Choosing the best portable loo rental is essential for the comfort and convenience of your guests.

In this guide, we’ll explain the key points to consider when selecting a portable loo rental for your event. We’ll look at the different types of portable loos available and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each. We’ll also explain the importance of hygiene and safety when choosing a portable loo. Finally, we’ll give you some top tips on how to get the best portable loo rental for your event.

Types of Portable Loo

When renting a portable loo, it’s important to consider the type that will best suit your event. Here are some of the most popular types of portable loo:

• Standard Portable Loo – This is the most basic type of portable loo and is suitable for general outdoor events. It’s a simple plastic construction with a chemical toilet inside.

• Luxury Portable Loo – These are the most luxurious type of portable loo available and are perfect for larger events or VIP occasions. They usually come with flushing toilets, sinks, mirrors, air conditioning and even music.

• Portable Shower – If your event is going to be outdoors for an extended period of time, you may want to consider a portable shower. This is ideal for camping or outdoor festivals, as it allows guests to freshen up after a long day.

Advantages and Disadvantages

When choosing a portable loo, it’s important to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Here are some of the pros and cons of using a portable loo:

• Advantages: Portable loos are a great solution for events where there are no existing bathroom facilities. They are easy to install and remove, and they don’t require any plumbing or other construction work. They are also much more affordable than renting a proper bathroom facility.

• Disadvantages: Portable loos are not as comfortable or hygienic as regular toilets. They can also be smelly and unhygienic if they are not well maintained.

Hygiene and Safety

When renting a portable loo, it’s important to consider hygiene and safety. Portable loos should be regularly serviced and cleaned to ensure that they are hygienic and safe for use. You should also make sure that the loo is placed in a safe and secure location with adequate ventilation.

It’s also important to ensure that all users have access to soap and sanitizer. You should provide paper towels and a bin for rubbish, and make sure that the loo is regularly emptied and serviced.

Top Tips for Choosing the Best Portable Loo Rental

• Shop around – Don’t settle for the first portable loo rental you find. Make sure to compare different options in terms of price, quality and services offered.

• Check the reputation – Do your research and check online reviews to make sure that you’re renting from a reputable company.

• Consider size – Make sure to choose a loo that’s large enough to accommodate the number of people at your event.

• Think about location – Make sure that the portable loo is placed away from the main event area, but still within easy reach. Also, check to make sure that there’s a flat surface for it to be placed on.

• Check the facilities – Make sure to check that the portable loo rental comes with all the necessary facilities such as soap, paper towels and bins.

• Ask about servicing – Make sure to ask about the servicing schedule for the loo.

Choosing the best portable loo rental for your event is essential for the comfort and convenience of your guests. Make sure to consider the type of portable loo you need, the advantages and disadvantages of each, hygiene and safety, and the top tips for getting the best rental. With these factors in mind, you can be sure that your guests will have a pleasant and comfortable experience.

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