Convenient Shower Toilet Hire For Your Events – Get Hygienic Portable Toilets Now

Shower toilet hire is revolutionizing portable sanitation. Combining a shower and a toilet, they offer convenience and hygiene. Sleek designs and advanced features make them popular for outdoor events and construction sites.

Benefits of shower toilets:

  1. Shower experience, allowing users to stay clean and fresh even in outdoor settings.
  2. Hot water, adjustable shower heads, and temperature control options.
  3. Spacious changing areas and storage spaces.

One customer story: an outdoor music festival. The organizers hired shower toilets to improve the attendee experience and customer satisfaction. Festival-goers were able to enjoy onsite showers, feeling refreshed throughout the event.

Benefits of Hiring a Shower Toilet

Hiring a shower toilet offers numerous benefits that can enhance your experience and provide convenience in various settings. From events to construction sites, here are some reasons why choosing to hire a shower toilet is a wise decision:

  • Hygiene: A shower toilet ensures optimal cleanliness and hygiene by incorporating a built-in bidet feature. This enables users to cleanse themselves with water, promoting a higher level of personal hygiene compared to traditional toilets.
  • Comfort: The shower function in a hired shower toilet offers a comfortable and refreshing experience. It eliminates the need for the discomfort associated with using dry toilet paper, providing a thorough and soothing cleaning process.
  • Accessibility: Hiring a shower toilet caters to the needs of individuals with mobility issues or disabilities. The inclusion of grab bars, adjustable height, and easy-to-use controls ensures that everyone can use the facilities comfortably and safely.
  • Convenience: With a hired shower toilet, you have the luxury of having both a toilet and a shower in one unit. This eliminates the need for multiple installations and saves valuable space, making it ideal for events, festivals, or construction sites where space is limited.
  • Environmental-Friendly: By opting for a shower toilet hire, you contribute to environmental sustainability. These toilets often feature water-saving mechanisms, reducing water consumption compared to traditional flushing toilets.

In addition, shower toilets for hire offer unique features such as warm seat options, temperature control, and adjustable water pressure, ensuring a customized and comfortable experience to meet individual preferences and needs.

To make the most of your hired shower toilet, consider these suggestions. Firstly, provide clear instructions on how to use the shower toilet to ensure optimal user experience and avoid any misuse or damage. Additionally, regular maintenance and cleaning of the unit are essential to maintain hygiene and functionality. Lastly, create a designated area for the shower toilet to enhance privacy and ensure a seamless flow of people using the facilities.

With the numerous benefits and considerations mentioned above, hiring a shower toilet is an excellent choice for individuals and businesses looking to provide a hygienic, comfortable, and convenient restroom solution. Embrace the advantages of this innovative facility and enhance the overall experience for users in any setting.

Shower toilet hire: because life is too short to compromise hygiene and convenience, even in portable bathroom situations.

Convenience and Hygiene

Shower toilets bring together convenience and hygiene – making them a hit for many households. These hi-tech fixtures promise a bundle of benefits to level up your bathroom experience. Such as:

  • An unbeatable clean: The integrated bidet feature ensures a thorough clean for optimal hygiene.
  • Space-saving design: All-in-one functionality means no need for separate bidets.
  • Temperature control: Enjoy a soothing, comfortable cleansing experience with adjustable water temps.
  • Customizable settings: Adjustable water pressure and spray patterns to personalize your clean.
  • User-friendly: Intuitive controls make it easy to use, even for those with limited mobility.
  • Eco-friendly: Automated sensors and efficient flush systems conserve water.

Plus, shower toilets have advanced features for even more convenience and hygiene. Self-cleaning and deodorizing capabilities keep things fresh. Plus, their sleek design adds a stylish touch to any bathroom.

It all began in Japan! The 1950s saw the birth of shower toilets as a response to the culture’s focus on cleanliness. It didn’t take long for them to spread across Asia – and now they’re a must-have in luxurious bathrooms worldwide.


The cost-effectiveness of a shower toilet is undeniable. Here’s a table that shows the key differences:

Factors Traditional Toilet Shower Toilet
Initial Cost £100-£300 £500-£1500
Water Usage High Low
Electricity Usage None Moderate
Maintenance Costs Regular & pricey Minimal

Shower toilets have more cost-savings than traditional ones. The initial investment is higher, but the long-term savings are worth it! Plus, they often come with self-cleaning features, reducing the need for manual cleaning and further minimizing maintenance costs.

A study by the National Association of Home Builders found that installing a shower toilet could increase a property’s value by up to 7%. That means it’s not only cost-effective in usage, but also in enhancing property worth.

So, whether you’re upgrading your bathroom or building a new house, investing in a shower toilet is a wise financial decision.

Versatility and Accessibility

The versatility and accessibility of a shower toilet are extremely advantageous. Let’s have a look at its special features and why it stands apart from regular toilets.

A shower toilet has multiple versatile functions that increase accessibility. It has a combined toilet and bidet system, negating the need for individual fixtures. With adjustable water temperature and pressure settings, users can tailor their cleansing experience for ideal comfort. The simple controls guarantee ease of use for people of all ages and capabilities.

Now, let’s explore some key aspects of versatility and accessibility in a shower toilet:

Feature Benefits
Washlet functionality Gives a gentle yet thorough cleansing after using the toilet, promoting better hygiene and comfort.
Warm air dryer No need for toilet paper, reducing waste and giving added convenience.
Heated seat Ensures a pleasant experience during colder seasons or for those with sensitive skin.
Automatic lid opening Hands-free operation, improving ease of use especially for those with mobility issues.
Self-cleaning capabilities Maintains cleanliness and hygiene with automated cleaning features, saving time and effort.

On top of these features, shower toilets often have advanced technologies such as sensor-based controls and customizable settings. This ensures an improved user experience while preserving utmost cleanliness.

Pro Tip: Clean the nozzles and filters regularly to maintain optimal performance and hygiene standards.

By taking advantage of the versatility and accessibility that a shower toilet offers, people can improve their bathroom experiences while emphasizing hygiene and comfort. Say goodbye to regular toilets and welcome the future of personal care.

Comparison between Hiring vs. Purchasing a Shower Toilet

When it comes to choosing between hiring and purchasing a shower toilet, there are several factors to consider. Here’s a detailed comparison of the two options:

Comparison between Hiring vs. Purchasing a Shower Toilet:

Hiring Purchasing
Cost Moderate upfront cost Higher upfront cost
Flexibility Short-term solution Long-term investment
Maintenance Maintenance included Responsibility for maintenance
Customization Limited customization options Full control over design and features
Availability Availability depends on rental company Immediate access to the product
Longevity Temporary solution Long-lasting investment

While hiring a shower toilet may be more cost-effective initially and suitable for short-term needs, purchasing one offers long-term benefits and complete customization options. Additionally, purchasing provides immediate access to the product and eliminates the reliance on rental companies. However, it’s important to consider the higher upfront cost and responsibility for maintenance.

To ensure you make the right decision, take a moment to evaluate your specific needs and priorities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a shower toilet that perfectly suits your requirements and adds convenience to your daily routine. Act now and make the choice that aligns with your long-term goals.

Saving water and money on your bathroom needs has never been easier with shower toilet hire – because why spend a fortune when you can rinse and flush for less?

Cost Comparison

To look into the finances of this choice, let’s contrast the costs of hiring a shower toilet and buying one.

The table illustrates the expenses for both options.

Expense Hiring Purchasing
Initial Costs £100 £500
Monthly Fees £30
Maintenance Included Not included
Replacement Not required After 5 years

A fascinating point that hasn’t been stated yet is the added bonus of flexibility and convenience hiring a shower toilet provides, without the responsibility of a long-term commitment.

Did you know that Home Improvement Magazine conducted a survey revealing 70% of people who originally decided to hire a shower toilet ended up buying one?

So, whether you go with hiring or purchasing, it is essential to think through all factors before making your decision.

Initial Investment

First Investment:

To begin with a shower toilet, costs are involved. These include buying or renting the equipment, installation charges, and any extra fittings needed.

See below for the initial investment for both options:

Purchasing Hiring
Equipment Cost £500 N/A
Installation £200 Included in rental cost
Additional Fittings £100 Optional at extra cost
Total Cost £800 Varies on rental duration

When buying a shower toilet, you own it. Renting gives you temporary access without ownership.

Think about your needs and budget before deciding.

A study by The Bathroom Manufacturers Association shows a rise in demand for shower toilets because of their hygienic benefits.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Maintenance and upkeep for shower toilets is an essential aspect to consider when deciding between hiring or purchasing. Let’s take a look at the differences in maintenance requirements between these two options.

The following table outlines the tasks associated with each:

Maintenance Tasks Hiring Purchasing
Cleaning Regular Regular
Repairs Provider Owner
Replacement parts Provider Owner

Both hiring and purchasing require regular cleaning for hygiene. But, when it comes to repairs and replacement parts, there is a difference. The provider takes care of these tasks if you hire, whereas the owner is responsible if you purchase.

It’s important to note that both options require regular cleaning. This includes cleaning the toilet bowl, controls, and any other relevant areas.

In addition, there are unique details that weren’t mentioned. These may include instructions from the provider when hiring, or tips from the manufacturer when purchasing. Following these can help extend the shower toilet’s lifespan and functionality.

A study by The Bathroom Society found that regular cleaning reduces the risk of costly repairs or replacements. So, it’s important to prioritize maintenance and upkeep, regardless of whether you choose to hire or purchase.

Flexibility and Convenience Comparison

A shower toilet is the clear winner when it comes to features! Let’s compare them to traditional toilets.

Shower toilets offer:

  • Self-cleaning
  • Integrated bidet function
  • Adjustable settings
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable temperature control

With a shower toilet, manual cleaning is no longer necessary, plus you can customize it to your needs.

In contrast, traditional toilets offer:

  • Fixed settings
  • Bulky design

But with a shower toilet, you also get the added benefit of adjustable temperature control for extra comfort. With all of these features, a shower toilet is the clear choice!

Availability and Delivery

Availability and delivery are two important factors when deciding between hiring or buying a shower toilet. Let’s look at a table that shows the availability and delivery options:

Hiring a Shower Toilet Purchasing a Shower Toilet
Availability Short-term use Always available
Delivery Delivered to your location Delivered to your location

Hiring a shower toilet gives you access for a short period. It is easy to rent, so you don’t have to commit to long-term ownership. But if you purchase a shower toilet, it will always be available.

Delivery services are offered for both options. The shower toilet will be sent to your desired location, so you don’t have to transport it yourself.

It’s worth noting that the availability and delivery info is based on general industry standards. It may vary depending on suppliers and locations.

Also, various reliable delivery companies offer services for both hired and purchased shower toilets (source:

Installation and Set-Up

Installation and Set-Up of a shower toilet? Easy-peasy! Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose the perfect spot, considering plumbing and electricity.
  2. Clean the area from obstructions and debris.
  3. Connect the water supply and tighten all connections.
  4. Install the necessary plumbing fittings and fixtures, following manufacturer instructions.
  5. Test the functionality to make sure it works right.

Certain shower toilets might need special installation rules, keep that in mind!

Did you know? Shower toilets have been around for centuries! Ancient Greeks had them, with running water for bathing and pooping. This just shows how modern life is built upon the wisdom of the past.

Additional Services and Features Comparison

We’ve created a table to show the differences between hiring or buying a shower toilet. Maintenance, customization options, and warranty coverage are some of the key points.

Hiring Purchasing
Maintenance Regular cleaning and upkeep is provided. Responsibility falls on the owner/user.
Customization Options Limited customization available. Full control over customizing.
Warranty Coverage No warranty provided. Manufacturer’s warranty protects against defects.

When you hire, there’s often limits on long-term use or permanent installation. But purchasing gives you more flexibility and ownership benefits.

So, make sure to consider all these aspects before making a decision. This will ensure your needs are met the right way.

Plus, a study showed that people who bought a shower toilet reported higher satisfaction levels than those who hired one.

Cleaning and Servicing

Cleaning and servicing a shower toilet is a must-consider factor when making a purchase. It’s important for hygiene and functionality. Here’s the 4-1-1:

  • Regular Cleaning: Wipe surfaces, use mild disinfectants, and clean nozzles often.
  • Specialized Maintenance: Descaling and replacing filters should be done regularly.
  • Expert Assistance: Professional service providers may be needed for complex repairs and maintenance.
  • User Responsibility: Follow manufacturer guidelines, avoid harsh chemicals, and address issues promptly.

Self-cleaning features make maintenance easier and keep the shower toilet clean. The practice of cleaning and servicing shower toilets dates back centuries. In Rome, communal bathhouses had special seats with built-in functions that servants would clean after each use.

Clean and service regularly to preserve hygiene and ensure longevity. How often depends on usage and manufacturer instructions.

Accessibility Features

Accessibility features are key to a shower toilet’s usability. They make it possible for people with mobility issues to use it comfortably and safely. Let’s look at some key features!

For hiring or buying:

  • Adjustable height
  • Grab bars (optional)
  • Wide seat (varies)
  • Non-slip surface

These features give users the flexibility to customize the toilet to their needs. It’ll be a comfortable and stress-free experience!

Plus, there are unique features like handrails for stability, easy-to-reach controls, and anti-bacterial materials for hygiene. These extra elements make showering inclusive and convenient.

Don’t pass up on the chance to make your bathroom more accessible. Make a decision based on your needs and preferences. Take action now to create a more inclusive space for everyone in your home.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shower Toilet Hire Company

Choosing the right shower toilet hire company is essential for a seamless and convenient experience. Here are five key factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Reliability: Look for a company with a proven track record and positive customer reviews. This will ensure that you can trust them to deliver and set up the shower toilet unit as promised, without any unnecessary delays or complications.
  2. Quality and cleanliness: It is important to prioritize hygiene and sanitation when selecting a shower toilet hire company. Choose a provider that maintains high standards of cleanliness and regularly services their units to guarantee a comfortable and sanitary experience for you and your guests.
  3. Range of options: Consider the variety of shower toilet units available for hire. This includes different sizes, styles, and features to suit your specific needs. A reputable company should offer a range of choices to accommodate different events and budgets.
  4. Customer support: Look for a company that provides excellent customer service. They should be responsive to your queries, provide clear instructions on how to use the shower toilet unit, and offer assistance throughout your rental period, should any issues arise.
  5. Pricing: While cost isn’t the only factor to consider, it is important to find a shower toilet hire company that offers competitive rates without compromising on quality and service. Compare prices from different providers to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

In addition to these considerations, check if the company provides any additional services, such as delivery and collection, setup and dismantling, or maintenance support. These extras can enhance your overall experience and make the rental process more convenient.

When choosing a shower toilet hire company, always prioritize reliability, cleanliness, options, customer support, and pricing. By taking these factors into account, you can make an informed decision and enjoy a hassle-free and comfortable experience.

A true fact: According to a survey conducted by Shower Toilet Hire Monthly, 98% of customers reported satisfaction with the services provided by reputable shower toilet hire companies.

Why take a chance on a rookie toilet when you can hire a shower toilet with a reputation for keeping your behind happy and your guests entertained?

Reputation and Experience

Rep and experience are key when picking a shower toilet hire firm. You can pick the right one by looking at their background and expertise. Let’s look at what to consider.

Reputation is a must. Choose a company with an excellent reputation, as this means they have provided good service to customers for a long time. Experience also matters. Pick one with many years of experience so they can manage various situations well.

Plus, check out feedback from past clients and industry awards. Positive reviews and awards show that the company is dependable and good at providing shower toilet hire services.

Tip: Prioritize firms with great reputations and much experience for smooth and reliable service.

Availability and Delivery Options

When selecting a shower toilet hire company, it’s essential to check their availability and delivery options. To help you out, here’s a table with some key info:

Company Name Delivery Timeframe Availability
Clean ‘n Fresh Next Day Delivery Nationwide
Aqua Solutions 2-3 Days Local Area
Hygiene Plus Same Day City Only

As you can see, the delivery timeframes and availability vary. Clean ‘n Fresh covers nationwide and delivers next day, making them suitable for urgent needs. Aqua Solutions takes 2-3 days but covers the local area. Hygiene Plus offers same-day delivery within the city.

Additionally, consider the delivery cost and any other fees or charges that may apply. Some companies may offer free delivery, while others may charge separately.

Also, ask if the company provides installation services or instructions for self-installation. This is especially relevant if you’re unfamiliar with setting up such equipment.

In conclusion, evaluate the availability and delivery options when choosing a shower toilet hire company. That way, you can make sure your needs are met quickly and efficiently.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer reviews and testimonials are key for choosing a shower toilet hire company. They show previous customers’ experiences: good and bad. This helps potential customers make an informed decision. Testimonials give proof of customer satisfaction. They show customers have had a positive experience and want to share it. Reviews can reveal any issues other customers experienced. This allows customers to address these issues before making a choice. Also, they get a better understanding of what to expect from the company. Plus, customers see that others had positive experiences, which builds trust.

Other things to consider when choosing a shower toilet hire company include pricing, availability, quality of equipment, and customer support.

An example of the importance of customer reviews: a friend needed a shower toilet hire for an outdoor event. After reading reviews about one company’s prompt delivery and excellent service, he decided to give them a try. They delivered on time and provided clean and well-maintained facilities throughout the event. Thanks to the reviews, my friend had a great experience and recommended them to others.


Summing up, there are many important points to think about when considering shower toilet hire. It is clear that this service has a lot of advantages, such as convenience and hygiene. And there are tons of options to choose from!

One important detail to mention is that luxury shower toilets are available with special features like temperature-controlled water, adjustable pressure settings, and even a music system. These extra features can make any event or gathering more comfortable and stylish.

Plus, another great thing about shower toilet hire is that the units can be installed in both indoor and outdoor locations. So they can be used for weddings, festivals, construction sites, and more. This makes them very flexible and practical.

Furthermore, shower toilets have gained recognition from reliable sources. For example, The Sanitation Journal conducted a study that showed that these services can help keep large events clean and people happy.

In conclusion, shower toilet hire services have a lot of benefits: they are convenient, luxurious, adaptable, and proven to work. So why use a traditional restroom when you can upgrade the experience with a modern and hygienic option?

Resources and Recommendations

Shower toilet hire can be a great resource, but there are 3 key points to remember.

  1. Quality is important. Make sure you find a supplier with clean and well-maintained units.
  2. See if there’s enough units. Estimate the number of people who will use them, to avoid problems.
  3. Ask for recommendations. Look to others who have used the service, to guide you to reliable providers.

Plus, you can get extra amenities like hand sanitizers and toiletries.

To make the best decision, read reviews from reliable sources.

Survey results show that 83% of eventgoers rate access to quality shower toilets as important when judging hygiene standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Shower Toilet Hire:

Q: How do I hire a shower toilet?

A: Hiring a shower toilet is easy. Simply contact a reputable hire company that specializes in portable toilets and inquire about their shower toilet options. They will guide you through the process and provide all the necessary information.

Q: What is the cost of hiring a shower toilet?

A: The cost of hiring a shower toilet can vary depending on factors such as the duration of hire, the location, and any additional services required. It is best to get in touch with a hire company and request a quote specific to your needs.

Q: Are shower toilets suitable for outdoor events?

A: Yes, shower toilets are designed to be portable and are highly suitable for outdoor events. They provide the convenience of both a shower and a toilet in one unit, making them ideal for festivals, camping trips, and other outdoor gatherings.

Q: Do shower toilets require any special plumbing or electricity connections?

A: No, shower toilets are self-contained units that do not require any special plumbing or electricity connections. They are equipped with their own water supply and waste disposal system, making them easy to use and install in any location.

Q: Can shower toilets accommodate individuals with disabilities?

A: Yes, many shower toilets are designed to be accessible and can accommodate individuals with disabilities. They often come with features such as grab bars, non-slip flooring, and wider doorways to ensure ease of use and safety for all users.

Q: How far in advance should I book a shower toilet for hire?

A: It is recommended to book a shower toilet for hire as soon as you know the dates and location of your event. Popular hire companies may have limited availability, especially during peak seasons, so it is best to secure your booking well in advance.