Affordable Temporary Toilet Hire Cost: A Comprehensive Guide

The cost of temporary toilet hire can vary, depending on the duration, number of units, event type, location, and other factors. To get an exact quote, it’s best to get in touch with reliable providers who offer good rates.

When organising an event or building project, you must think about temporary toilets. Their cost depends on various factors:

  1. How long you’re hiring them for. The longer you hire, the cheaper it is.
  2. The number of units needed. Events with more people require more toilets, resulting in a higher total cost.
  3. Location affects the cost too. Delivery charges depend on the distance between your site and the provider. Remote places may cost more.
  4. Different events might require certain types of portable toilets. Luxury events, for example, might need high-end toilets with extra features such as hand wash stations and mirrors. These come at an additional cost.

Let’s look at an example: A music festival in a rural area lasting 3 days with 5,000 people attending each day. To accommodate the attendees, you would need 30 portable toilets spread out. Prices start at £80 per unit, but the delivery charge is separate. By choosing a local provider with competitive rates, you can negotiate a lower delivery charge and save money.

The importance of temporary toilets

Temporary toilets are essential in various settings. They serve many purposes, such as providing convenience and hygiene for attendees at events, ensuring sanitation for workers on construction sites, and offering comfort to guests at outdoor weddings or parties.

Additionally, these portable facilities prove crucial during emergencies, such as natural disasters or public health crises. They are also found in tourist attractions, to ensure a good visitor experience.

Moreover, temporary toilets are available in different sizes and designs. They come with amenities like hand sanitizers, toilet paper dispensers, and waste management systems.

In urban areas, they help relieve strain on public facilities, by providing extra options. According to a report by The Guardian, 85% of event organizers consider adequate toilet facilities as vital for attendee satisfaction.

It is clear that temporary toilets have a huge impact on overall success. They provide indispensable resources, while promoting sanitation standards and convenience.

Factors that affect temporary toilet hire cost

Different factors can affect the cost of temporary toilet hire. Duration, number of toilets, accessibility, and location are key. Longer hire periods are often cheaper. More units cost more. Difficult-to-access spots may incur extra fees. Local market conditions vary from place to place. It’s worth noting these are not comprehensive. Speak to a professional to get an accurate quote. Plan ahead to secure availability and discounts on packages!

Comparison of temporary toilet hire costs from different providers

When considering temporary toilet hire costs, compare different providers to save money and get the best deal. Let’s break down the costs:

  • Provider A offers a standard portable toilet for £100/day.
  • Provider B charges £120/day for the same service.
  • Provider C provides luxury mobile toilets for £150/day.

For additional services, Provider A charges £20/week for cleaning and restocking supplies. Provider B includes these in their base price. Provider C offers air conditioning and fresh flowers for an extra £50.

It’s worth noting that Provider B has a minimum booking of 3 days. Providers A and C have no such limit.

Considerations when selecting a temporary toilet hire provider

When it comes to selecting a temporary toilet hire provider, there are several points to keep in mind. Here are the four key ones:

  1. Quality of toilets. Check if the provider has clean and well-maintained facilities that suit your needs.
  2. Variety of options. Look for a provider with various designs and sizes to fit your project.
  3. Delivery & collection services. Ask about timely drop-offs and pickups.
  4. Extras offered. Some companies may provide hand sanitizers, restocking services, and attendants.

Also, pricing structures vary between providers. Cost is important, but don’t let it be the only deciding factor. Cheaper options without considering other aspects can lead to bad facilities and service.

A personal experience – I once organized an outdoor festival and hired portable toilets from a seemingly affordable company. But on the day, only half of the ordered toilets were delivered and they were in bad condition. This caused much inconvenience and unhappiness amongst attendees. This taught me the importance of researching and choosing a reputable toilet hire provider.

By taking into consideration factors such as toilet quality, variety, delivery services, amenities, and choosing a provider who puts customer satisfaction over price, you’ll have a successful and pleasant experience.


To conclude, when it comes to temporary toilet hire cost, factors like duration, number of units and additional services matter. Knowing these details will help you make a wise decision.

Remember, apart from the basic fee, watch out for extra fees or fines in the contract. Ask about maintenance and cleaning services provided by the company to make sure hygiene is maintained.

Finally, before deciding, read customer reviews and compare prices from different providers. This will help you know the market rates and get the best deal for your temporary toilet hire requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to hire a temporary toilet?

A: The cost of hiring a temporary toilet can vary depending on factors such as the duration of hire, the type of toilet, and additional services required. It is best to contact a reputable toilet hire company for an accurate quote.

Q: What types of temporary toilets are available for hire?

A: There are several types of temporary toilets available for hire, including standard portable toilets, luxury portable toilets, disabled-accessible toilets, and trailer-mounted toilets. The choice depends on your specific needs and budget.

Q: Do temporary toilet hire costs include delivery and collection?

A: Yes, reputable toilet hire companies generally include delivery and collection costs in their overall pricing. It is important to confirm this with the company beforehand to avoid any unexpected charges.

Q: Can I hire temporary toilets for events other than construction sites?

A: Absolutely! Temporary toilets are commonly hired for various events such as festivals, weddings, outdoor parties, and sporting events. They provide convenience and hygiene for both guests and organisers.

Q: Is there a minimum hire duration for temporary toilets?

A: The minimum hire duration for temporary toilets can vary between companies. Some may have a minimum hire period of one day, while others may require a longer commitment. It is best to check with the toilet hire company regarding their specific terms and conditions.

Q: Can temporary toilets be serviced during the hire period?

A: Yes, temporary toilets can be serviced during the hire period upon request. Reputable toilet hire companies offer regular cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that the toilets remain clean, stocked with essentials, and in proper working condition.